About Men To Men

Men to Men is a not for profit organization formed in 2017 after realizing that men have been in the spolight for the wrong reasons in particular the gruesomeness associated with their actions in South Africa.
We noticed that women are constantly attending conferences to support and help each other to manage these situations. They are personally facing their own challenges in their homes and in the workplace and this made us realize that there is a missing link to this puzzle in society.

Instead of focusing our energy on the negative aspects, we wanted to change the perception and start bringing a positive energy by celebrating the good men.

This we hope will eventually trickle down to all men and have people they aspire to be within society, role models that our young men can look up to.

There are many woman headed households in South Africa, raising male children can be a challenge and this helps those women to have a list of positive role models they can point their sons towards.

Our Values

Our mission is to celebrate, promote and positively influence men, whilst allowing them to grow themselves towards becoming the society of men we would like South Africa to emulate.

Men to Men will provide a forum for its members to meet and exchange valuable information, ideas and solutions to important issues facing men at home, in business and work industries.
We offer individual members an opportunity to expand personal and business networks, maintain awareness of industry developments, improve skills and knowledge as well as make a positive contribution to other men within society.


Conference & Awards Ceremony

Upcoming Event Date: November 2018

This important event aims to achieve the following:

Co-Operation & Fellowship

Promote co-operation, fellowship and a better understanding of women's issues from its members


Promote Education and contribute to the betterment of the manhood.


Encourage men to pursue and establish themselves as trusted members of civil society.


Provide an extensive range of activities to assist and promote men within soiety.


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